Call of Duty: Warzone Vehicles Guide

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Call of Duty: Warzone Vehicles

In the famous Call of Duty: Warzone there are five different types of vehicles that you can deploy and finish your missions in, each of which has its benefits and drawbacks. Check out our How to Use Vehicles Guide below to give you an edge in the match.

Call Of Duty: Warzone five types of vehicles are the all-rounder SUV, the quick ATV, the offroading Tactical Rover, the slow but strong Cargo Truck, and the mighty Helicopter for every fight. As you go through the map you come across these vehicles which you can get in navigation and strategic locations to help your company of heroes. Each of these cars has a health meter and it is essential that you keep a keen eye on it because allowing it to reach zero will cause the vehicle to blow up and burst into flames, killing or seriously injuring any gamer that is inside or nearby to it. The vehicle types are listed below.


The ATV or All Terrains Vehicle is best for one or two players. Its low tire pressure enables this vehicle to drive better than any other off-road surface. The drawback is that it comes at the cost of slow speeds and remaining exposed to enemy players and a chance of receiving a headshot.


The SUV is able to drive fast on roads and can take a full squad while giving them protection. Although the SUV is not perfect for off-road it is likely to do so if you are careful in the game.

Tactical Rover

This vehicle comes with a 360 mounted gunner turret that enables it to give some serious damage to the enemy. The TAC Rover is fast, capable of meeting the toughest terrains, and is able to receive plenty of damage. The downside to this vehicle is it gives minimum protection for its inhabitants.

Cargo Truck

The cargo truck is very slow and not for off-roading it is well armored and gives protection for your team. It is also beneficial for storing weapons and equipment into it and take it anywhere you like.


The helicopter is the most desirable vehicle to cover ground in the least amount of time possible and while you are in the air you are protected at times. The downside to this transport is it is very noisy and easy to spot moving your team easy targets if you land in the wrong spot and covered with the enemy combatants. The helicopter is able to take the full squad of teammates.

Vehicle Controls

Check out below the Playstation 4 and Xbox One button combos for the vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone.

PS4: R2
XOne: RT

PS4: L2
XOne: LT

Enter / Exit
PS4: Square
XOne: X

Switch Seats
PS4: X
XOne: A

PS4: RS (Push)
XOne: RS (Push)

PS4: L1 or R1
XOne: LB or RB

Helicopter Controls

PS4: R2
XOne: RT

PS4: L2 – XOne: LT

Enter / Exit
PS4: Square
XOne: X

XOne: LS

XOne: RS

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