Call Of Duty Warzone’s Trucks Are Annoying And Popular, Guarantees a Win

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Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone’s popular solo meta has become governed by players running around in cargo trucks, also known as Big Berthas. These big trucks take a lot of harm to stop and can run over players, eliminating them immediately. They have grown so popular that some matches are ending with three, four, or even five trucks running around the map.

Eurogamer reported, Warzone’s meta has become massively skewed towards players driving around in heavy, hard to destroy trucks. While these trucks aren’t new to the game and players have been using them for a while now, things recently appear to be getting out of hand.

Gamers are complaining about solo matches nearly always ending with at least some Big Berthas running around. Others point out that at the start of the greatest matches you’ll see players parachuting straight towards one of these large, powerful trucks. Because the trucks aren’t too difficult to find and can be used as portable covers, they’ve grown a successful way to remain in the game too.

While it is not impossible to stop one of these trucks, it needs some explosives, a lot of firepowers, or a really lucky and experienced sniper shot. Blowing up or slaying one of these dragons is doable for most skilled Warzone players. But when you are against four of these bad boys coming towards you, it’s hard to have the ammo or the time to destroy them before you get turned into roadkill.

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