Call Tracking On Your Phone: How Can It Help You?

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Tracking On Your Phone

Customers are the life and blood of every business. Customers can significantly influence the amount of success your business will have in the future. When you have a lot of customers and continually maintain healthy relationships with them, it’ll be easier for your business to earn a profit and become successful in the long run. But since running a business requires you to meet several responsibilities at the same time, attending to all of your customers’ wants and needs can become a challenge. Fortunately, call tracking can be your business’s greatest ally. Many companies, namely Fone Dynamics, now offer this technology for businesses. It allows you to pinpoint what your customers want and how your business can satisfy all of these. To paint a clearer picture of how call tracking on your phone can help you, consider the points below:

1.You can track your ROI: One of the unique features of call tracking is the ability to assign different phone numbers to each marketing medium your business uses. This means that you can assign a specific phone number to your website, one for your social media marketing and another to posters in your physical store. Because of this, you’ll be able to determine which marketing mediums are bringing in the most and least profit.

2. You can measure the effectiveness of your online activities: Internet marketing is essential for businesses today. You’ll be able to reach out to your target audience through the internet. However, since most internet marketing strategies require financial contributions, going all out might not be the best choice for small or new businesses like you. Call tracking can be a cost-effective solution that can supplement your internet marketing efforts. Since you’ll be able to assign unique phone numbers to all of your marketing mediums, you can assess if your online operations are effective or not. You’ll know which online platforms you should continue using and which ones to cross off your list. As a result, you can better craft your online marketing strategies better without wasting any money.

3. You can determine call peak hours: Call tracking also allows you to record important information such as the time and day when most customers usually call. You can easily determine the specific timeframe your business receives the most and least number of calls. With this information, you can schedule your staff’s working hours more effectively. You’ll know how many employees are needed during a specific time and day. This can increase your employees’ productivity levels while making sure that customers are attended to promptly.

4. You can make quick decisions: Decision-making is crucial for every business. But unlike the decisions you make on what to wear or where to eat, deciding for your business requires accountability. One wrong decision can create long-term damage to your business. Call tracking steers you away from this direction. This technology can also provide important information, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. So regardless if you’re deciding what marketing mediums to utilize or where your budget should be allocated, call tracking can make your job easier.

5. You’ll improve your call forwarding: You’re still a customer. You know how frustrating it can be when your call is transferred to numerous people before you can get a solution to a problem. Now that you’re running a business, make sure that you don’t give this kind of experience to your customers. By using call tracking, you’ll be able to directly forward a customer’s call to an employee who is adept in a certain topic. Customers will no longer have to wait on the phone because their inquiries and concerns are addressed right away.

Tracking On Your Phone

6. You can target your marketing better: A business will never thrive if it doesn’t have a marketing plan. However, when you’re a neophyte in the business arena, determining who your customers are and what kind of products and services they need can be very tough. The solution? Call tracking. This technology can also provide information to give you a better idea of the demographics of your customers. You’ll know who they are and where they’re living, allowing you to produce targeted advertising tailored-fit to your customers’ location.

7. You can make use of valuable information: As mentioned, call tracking can be an excellent source of valuable information for your business. Aside from determining the demographics of your customers, call tracking can also record incoming calls. With these recordings, you’ll discover what kind of problems your customers usually experience with your business or employees. It can also give insights as to the specific products and services customers would want from your business. All of this information will be very useful once you decide to take appropriate shifts for the business.

8. You can manage your staff better: Being able to record calls doesn’t only provide opportunities to understand your customers better; it can also become an avenue to assess the performance of your employees. With these recordings, you can determine how your employees are handling customers over the phone or if they’re knowledgeable of customer service protocols. You’ll know which specific areas your employees should improve on, making it easier for you to come up with the appropriate training and workshops for them.

Watch Your Steps

Although call tracking might seem like a godsend for business, don’t immediately jump onto this bandwagon. Keep in mind that every business is unique and using this technology doesn’t always guarantee positive results. You might know a business that grew because of call tracking but doesn’t expect that your own business will also experience the same results. Take time to know more about call tracking, assess its pros and cons, and determine if this technology is worth the risk. Most of all, find a trusted call tracking service provider and see what they can do for you.


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