Camera Features You Could Expect From The New iPhone 8

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In the fiercely competitive world of smartphones, one of the key factors that determine sales is camera quality – and when it comes to premium smartphone brands such as Apple and Samsung, the stakes are even higher.

Both these brands have a huge following, and being better than the other is always the top priority. One of the main battlegrounds that these brands are duking it out at is in the camera department.

According to a recent Mashable report – the latest iPhone is biding its time and could very well adopt some technologies from its competitors.

In the report, they surmise on upcoming features that the Cupertino giant could potentially adopt in its upcoming models. One of these features is 5x ‘lossless’ zoom, which was revealed by Chinese brand Oppo during the Mobile World Congress In February 2017. (just briefly define – in a box – what it means)

Another potential feature in the new iPhone is improved low-light shooting. This was discovered by a Google engineer who figured out a way to take photos at night in near total darkness. The solution? Taking multiple shots within a short time frame and letting the computer do its magic. The final product – a night photo devoid of any grain.

All this fancy tech is there for Apple for the taking, and with their penchant for introducing something new with every release, they will definitely consider adding these features and upping the ante.


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