Can a VPN Improve Your Gaming Experience?

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VPN apps have become commonplace, as more internet users recognize their value when it comes to increasing internet security and enhancing anonymity. With VPN services now marketing themselves directly to the gaming community, it is important to understand the benefits that a VPN service offers to gamers. So, what are these benefits?


Circumvent IP Blocks

When official server moderators believe that you are violating any of the game or server rules, they may ban your IP as a punitive measure. Now, while it is important to adhere to the rules and regulations set by game developers and server administrators, some might be easy to violate inadvertently. IP blocks also apply to you if another member of your household violates rules on the shared internet connection. If you don’t want to wait for the ban period to expire, a VPN is the best solution for presenting a different IP address. With most VPNs now offering products for consoles and mobile devices such as the PlayStation VPN, it won’t be hard to find a VPN service that supports your gaming device.


Access to geo-blocked content

A game might not be available for players in a region due to their government outrightly banning the game or the game developers failing to release it in their region. In most cases, this is temporary such as when a game is released early in some markets. Sometimes international sanctions force developers to exclude certain regions, such as Iran and North Korea. A VPN can ‘trick’ government censors and game servers into believing that you are located in a region that is allowed access.


Access to more game servers

Games that support online multiplayer play will usually limit your server access to the servers near your location. This is done to optimize your gameplay experience. However, this can block you from logging into your home region’s server when traveling. Maybe your sleep cycle makes it easier for you to play with gamers in another timezone. Whatever your specific circumstances, a VPN will allow you to access virtually all global servers as per your needs.


Enhanced security on public networks

Technology advancements have made it possible to play the most popular games on mobile devices and laptops. This means that you might find yourself gaming on a public network in a cafe, airport lounge, or hotel. You are most vulnerable on these networks, especially from third-party attacks that intercept your web traffic. Most gamers have their personal and payment details linked to their gaming accounts. A VPN will provide an additional layer of security protecting your traffic from malicious eavesdroppers on an insecure public network.


Reduced lagging

One of the reasons why online multiplayer games experience lagging is due to the distance between the game server and the server you are connected to. As already mentioned, most games restrict the server options that you have based on your IP address. With a VPN, you can connect to the game from a server that is closer to the game server, which should shorten the ping time – reducing the lag.


The takeaway

Having a VPN can significantly improve the online gaming experience. It allows access to geo-blocked content and more servers. VPNs also make it much safer to game on public networks and they can be used to circumvent IP bans. With the right server choice, VPNs can also cut down pint times, reducing lag when playing online.

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