You Can Enjoy A Breathtaking View Of Earth From Space in $75k

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World View Enterprises Space Exploration

You Can Enjoy A Breathtaking View Of Earth From Space in $75k

Virgin Galactic has a space flight scheduled for 2014 where each passenger will pay 200,000 USD. For those of us who can’t afford this costly flight, we do have another option to enjoy the world view up from the sky.

A new startup, World View Enterprises has come up with a unique offer which includes a total expenditure of $75,000 per head and in return they would get to enjoy a drink while getting a breathtaking view at the edge of space!

The capsule looks solid and they are offering Drinks! Come on you can’t get wrong with Free Drinks!

So in short, for the price of a luxury Sedan tourists can actually travel up in a pressurized luxury capsule using a balloon to a height of about 19 miles. Although this length falls short for the internationally accepted height of outer space by about 43 miles, it sure promises a great view.

World View Enterprises Space Exploration


The flight would take about 90 minutes at a rising speed of 1,000 feet per minute and then sail for about two hours and returns to ground in about 40 minutes. The passengers are provided with a cabin within the capsule where they can enjoy a bar that serves drinks. This drink can be enjoyed while you enjoy the view from the capsule of the earth. One is able to notice the earth’s curvature and the blue glow of the atmosphere. World View Enterprise is aiming to send first passengers up to the space edge in 2016 once FAA  approves the flight

Now this is something i look forward to get on one day!


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