Can Instagram Become a Separate Gadget?

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Instagram has arguably been the god of all social media platforms for the past four years.

Technically, Instagram users have more active and engaged followers/audience in comparison to other social media platforms. According to recent research, Instagram had up to one billion active monthly users, which is very impressive, seeing as it is just ten years old. Looking at the explosive growth that Instagram is experiencing every day, you will agree with me that Instagram might just become a separate gadget soon.

With Instagram, it’s forward ever, backward never. Even with how engaging and interesting it is, it was observed that the time an average user spends on Instagram increased to 32 minutes a day. In contrast, Facebook’s user engagement slightly dropped from 41 minutes to 38 minutes per day. 

Furthermore, without Instagram, social media marketing wouldn’t have been in existence. The massive user-base that Instagram amassed paved the way for sponsored or promoted posts, aka Instagram ads. This, in turn, gave way to the need to grow one’s Instagram followers. And then Instagram growth services like SimplyGram came into light. 

To a lot of people, this photo and video sharing app is simply indispensable because of how exciting pictures are readily available on it to kill boredom.  Not only does Instagram kill boredom, but it also keeps us updated and takes us a step further to know what is going on in the lives of our favorite celebrities.  

To crown it up, Instagram has some features that can be easily classified as positively addictive. Some of these features  include: 


  • Instagram TV (IGTV): IGTV was first launched in 2017. Before it was founded, Instagram users were only allowed to post 60 seconds to 15 minutes of videos. Seeing how frustrating this was, Instagram’s management decided to humor its users by allowing them to talk, sing, dance, and do whatever they want in an hour-length video. They have my thanks for that. Not only that, before IGTV came to be, Instagram and many other apps gave room for only horizontal videos. Yes, horizontal videos increase video size, but it means that one has to adjust their camera settings to make a video. But IGTV gave room for vertical videos. It was very trendy that it attracted millions of users, because of course, who doesn’t like watching vertical videos with their phones?
  •  E-commerce: Instagram brought total definition and action to social media marketing and e-commerce  Despite the fact that beta testing of “Checkout On Instagram is still in progress, it looks like Instagram will become a new tool for product search and impulse purchases. Especially considering that 70% of Instagram users are looking for a brand account if they are interested in its products. So if you don’t have your business on Instagram, what are you waiting for?
  • Insta Stories: Since its introduction in 2016, Instagram Stories have become an integral part of our daily lives. According to a survey conducted by Instagram, about 47% of users said they believe that Instagram Stories help them to be more authentic in their interactions with friends and family.  44% like Instagram Stories because their content vanishes after 24 hours. And 39% became more interested in the brand/product after they saw it in Instagram Stories.


Instagram now has one billion monthly active users and continues to grow daily, especially at the international level. It is also in the process of serious transformation, for example, Instagram has recently updated its icon and revised the color scheme of the application. Also, Instagram is planning to switch the news feed from chronological order to algorithmic one (same as Facebook).


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