Can New Jersey Become a National eSports Leader?

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If anyone understood the power of eSports, it was gamers. Now, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, in no small part due to the insane figures associated with the industry. In 2022, Rolling Stone believes the sector will generate around $2 billion in revenues. Impressive.

New Jersey is the latest state to fight for the title of”America’s National eSports Hub”. Can the Garden State beat off rivals Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? Seemingly so.


Developing Infrastructure

When a city or country is renowned for development, it’s usually because it invests in infrastructure. Australia, for instance, has a booming cultural scene thanks to subsidized train and bus links, among other things. New Jersey knows it requires the tools to attract the best of the business to Atlantic City, which is why it’s putting its money where its mouth is.

In 2021, the state invested $200,000 in a center to help it reach its target in double-quick time. Backed by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, the Innovation Center sounds like it has all the bells and whistles. However, NJ isn’t throwing money at the problem and hoping it will fix itself. It has a plan to train people in the ways of eSports, from creating new academic and workforce development opportunities to supporting local economic development.

This Associated Press online news article reports the Center will create a competitive environment where people are challenged, thus improving their skills. This is likely to be in the form of ‘”hack-a-thons”. What this investment highlights is New Jersey’s desire to be the best in the US and the world. If it can pull off the plans, it will be in the running.


Leveraging Added Value & Renowned Operators

Another advantage that New Jersey has is the state’s already existing sporting connections. Four major league sports franchises play home games in NJ, including the New York Giants, New York Jets, New York Red Bulls, and New Jersey Devils. This alone highlights the region as a sports lover, whether traditional sports or eSports, and that’s before we get onto the money that goes into the economy. In 2014, for example, when the MetLife Stadium hosted the Super Bowl, an estimated $500 million was thought to help the area prosper.

Since then, New Jersey has built on the demand for gambling services, especially online. Sports wagers in Q4 of 2021 totaled $1.3 billion, a record for the nation. Oh, and it was only for one month. Of course, this means the biggest operators in sports and online casino betting are set up in New Jersey ready to offer eSports odds and welcome new players to their slots and table games. Not only are they live, but the likes of Hard Rock, BetMGM, and 888 are large enough to provide added value that will appeal to eSports audiences, such as match bonuses of 120% or more. On top of that, the infrastructure is reliable because desktop websites and mobile apps have been available for years. As this 888 online casino New Jersey review points out, 888’s software, bonuses, and mobile platforms will hope to shoulder a lot of the traffic the eSports boom brings as its offered services since 2013 and rolled out a new software platform to upgrade its offerings.

Seeing as New Jersey is ahead of the pack where online gambling is concerned, something that’s a major element of the eSports sector, it’s reasonable to suggest it will be well placed to capitalize if the state transforms into America’s eSports leader. North America could have a 12% share of the market later this year, so it won’t want to miss out.

With New Jersey’s sporting and gambling ties, and its investment in the correct infrastructure, there’s no doubt it could lead the way as far as eSports are concerned.

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