You Can Use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On PC

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will now be playable on PC via Bluetooth capability. The game works like a charm for those of you who use emulation software, but there are some things you keep in mind. Controller for the time being works natively with most games that support direct input and has the same layout as the Xbox One controller, YouTuber DreWoof said he could not play games like The Witcher 3 unless he downloaded direct input software to force compatibility with the controller. It’s not a plug and plays deal at the moment, there is some amount of work needed if you want the controller to work on the PC for the moment.

Another downside is that plugging in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to your USB-C will make it useless. The controller only works via Bluetooth. The controller is cost at $70. For more information and FAQ check out the video below.


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