Can We Get Excited About GTA 6?

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Many will have heard of the GTA series before as it is arguably one of the most loved series in gaming. It seems that the sales of every installment break expectations as they are eagerly purchased by millions of fans across the world who have come to look at GTA as being one of the only game series to provide absolute freedom to players. In the past, the series has come under scrutiny for doing exactly that. This is because, in various GTA games, it is possible to do things like using the services of a stripper, only to later run her over and take her money. Pulse-raising headlines such as these are exactly why GTA has historically been banned in some countries, as well as by some parents who were shocked to find their children playing such a game.

However, most gamers will agree that this is the charm of the GTA series, and it is positive that the possibility of doing things like this exists as this is how player choice is created. The opposite to this would be a game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where some choices are simply barred from being made by players, such as hurting children. While this is something that most people wouldn’t want to do anyway, the fact that this isn’t possible at all takes away from the range of choices that players have.

It is hard to think of a game that has been more influential than GTA V. Everyone has played it, and despite only coming out in 2013, it has become a classic. Veterans of the game will no doubt have memorized the sprawling city of Los Santos, an imitation of Los Angeles. Those who play the game will find an explosive story that serves to both celebrate and criticize American culture, providing the satirical humor that Rockstar is known for. The online mode magnifies the game’s explosive nature even more and players can do things like visit an in-game casino. Here, they can win money to spend in the online mode, but some players might want to visit here for the real thing so they can earn real money.

Despite all this, it is hard to get excited about the next main installment of the series, GTA 6. This is because of Rockstar’s treatment of GTA V. Many will agree that the mode is a shadow of its former self as years of content have made the ‘cost of living’ shoot up. The game is now an insane grind, unsuitable for new players to get into and simply boring for existing players. Rockstar has even gone as far as to scrap single-player DLC to focus on the online mode, something which angered many.

It has been rumored that GTA 6 is in developmental hell, which is scary enough on its own. However, GTA V has set a precedent on how Rockstar might treat their upcoming game, and fans around the world will be hoping that the mistakes of GTA V are not repeated.


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