Can Your Sitting Position Affect Your Gaming Efficiency?

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How we position ourselves when gaming is fairly important considering the amount of time we spend sitting in front of the computer. The ergonomic design has been important for gamers because it contributes to the comfortability they experience when gaming. It’s normal for gamers to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a really good table and chair for their setup. Even though proper posture is rarely talked about in the gaming community, it is just as important as comfortability. Comfortability is important because neutral or relaxed positions put less strain on your body meaning you can play your games for an extended period without your body hurting. On the other hand, proper posture is beneficial because you avoid the risk of joint degeneration and tightness, and imbalance in musculature. The effects of poor gaming posture are not an effect that you will notice immediately but it may cause major complications, Visit Turismo Racing to know more about the differences between gaming vs a regular desk.

What can you do to ensure good posture when gaming? Here are a few recommendations you can follow:

  • Table height should be slightly lower than elbow position
  • Wrists are in a neutral and straight position
  • Head is upright and over your shoulders
  • Eyes are looking a bit downward and not bending from the neck
  • The backrest of the chair should support the natural curve of the lower back
  • Elbows are bent at 900 and forearms should be in horizontal positions
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and not raised
  • Thighs in a horizontal position with a 90 or 110 angle at the hip
  • Feet are flat on the floor or supported by a footrest.

Investing in a good armchair and table can also help you achieve the proper posture when gaming. Check out Pulselabz for your gaming chair and table needs!

Pulselabz gaming chair is available in 3 different designs and in 4 colors. Six amazing features that will make sure that you get the bang for your buck:

  1. Cushioned 4D Armrest – with 6cm padding. Can adjust it upwards and downwards, forward and backward, and left and right. Can also swivel rotate inwards and outwards.
  2. Aluminum Reinforced Five Star Base – very durable. Increases the strength of the chair.
  3. One Piece Custom Molded Foam – Made from a high-density foam material that will prevent deformation. Ensures uniform cushioning throughout the whole chair.
  4. Steel Frame Construction – full steel construction with welded joints for added support. The frame is made up of thick diameter tubes to increase strength. It also includes a high tension elastic band for increased support.
  5. Headrest and Lumbar Pillows – made of high-density foam that will guarantee to keep its shape even after years of usage,
  6. Attention to Detail – Each and every Pulselabz chair is individually inspected before packaging. They make sure that you get what you pay for and more!

Make sure to organize your desk environment by putting your gaming equipment in a right and ergonomic way. It will help you improve your gaming efficiency, make you more comfortable, and certainly save you from trouble regarding your physical health right now and in the future.

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