Capcom Games Coming To The Switch

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Capcom games are coming to Nintendo Switch. Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto recently revealed in an interview that the company was so impressed with the concept and success of the Nintendo Switch that Capcom plans to import more games to the console, even some that have not been previously seen on Nintendo consoles.

The Nintendo Switch has been going above and beyond what many game developers expected, particularly because of the combination of performance and portability that has always made Nintendo shine as a company. Sales for titles already on the Switch have been very successful and a report from Adobe shows the console as the number one top-selling item this year on Cyber Monday. Its obvious Capcom has good reason to be enchanted, and the question remains: which titles will they consider porting to the Switch?

Capcom already announced a Devil May Cry HD release for March of 2018, A game we’ve most recently seen back in the limelight, with rumors and leaks about the fifth installation being rampant. Some are speculating that Sony is “paying for some funding of the game”, but perhaps they may have Nintendo on the docket for the game as well? Time will tell.

You can already buy Resident Evil: Revelations for the Switch. However, will Capcom consider adding other Resident Evil titles? Perhaps even a collection of favorites might be added this upcoming year. The Switch seems to be all about breathing life into older games, our future in gaming looks very bright.

Monster Hunter: World is set to launch for other consoles in January 2018, but a portable version would more than appease the current fans of the game, who have already enjoyed several installments of the title on the Nintendo 3DS.

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