Capcom Launched a New Blog Post Outlining Tips And Tricks For MEGA MAN ZERO/ZX LEGACY COLLECTION’s Speedrun Mode

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Mega Man Zero

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection launched a month ago and the compilation has been excellent. Merging 4 of the best GBA games in existence and their Nintendo DS followups with reworked art, cutscenes, various game versions, and lots of extras, there is a lot to love in the package. As has become a custom with Capcom’s Mega Man collections this generation, the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection comes with a cool bonus mode called Z Chaser. Z Chaser is a speedrun concentrated mode where you can race against ghost data to beat the expected time. Or, if you would like you can challenge a friend to see who is the quickest in a local split-screen match-up.

There is even an unlockable bonus level for any gamers who can manage to get pure S Ranks on all the other levels. Sounds easy right, until you really try it out. The mode is very tough and needs great movement and combat skills to achieve the highest ranks. To try and help more players achieve the coveted S Ranks required to get the final level, Capcom has released a new blog post outlining a number of key tips and strategies for players to follow to cut precious seconds off their times. It is pretty exciting stuff,  jumping at the end of a dash allows you to perform another bit quicker than not using a jump.

The whole post is filled with fascinating tips and insights so if you are fascinated by getting that bonus level, surely give it a read!


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