Capcom Makes 5 Games Available to Play for Free on PC and Mobile

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Capcom Free Games on PC and Mobile

Capcom, the renowned video game company, has recently made a bold move by bringing some of its beloved classic games to web browsers. Through the creation of Capcom Town, an online platform accessible via any internet browser, gaming enthusiasts can now immerse themselves in the nostalgic world of Capcom, complete with a collection of five iconic classic games.

Before it was known as Capcom, the company’s predecessor, I.R.M. Corporation, was established in 1979. However, after four years, the founder departed, prompting a renaming of the company. The new name, Capcom, derived from “Capsule Computers,” a term coined by the company to describe its arcade machines. As the late 1980s approached, Capcom ventured into licensing its arcade games for release on personal computers and expanding into the home console video game market. Among their triumphs, Street Fighter 2 stands out as one of Capcom’s greatest achievements. Initially launched in arcades in 1991, it went on to sell over 6.3 million copies on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Another milestone in Capcom’s history was the release of the first Resident Evil in 1996, exclusively designed for the PlayStation console. This groundbreaking title reintroduced zombies into popular culture and played a significant role in establishing the survival-horror genre.

To commemorate its illustrious four-decade-long journey, Capcom unveiled Capcom Town, a dedicated website celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary. Within this virtual town, players can explore a vast array of Capcom’s iconic franchises, represented by various buildings. The site offers an abundance of information on merchandise, news, and all things Capcom. As an added treat, the arcade section of Capcom Town, indicated by a prominent red arcade machine in the top right corner of the screen, allows players to indulge in five classic games. These timeless gems include Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man X, Street Fighter 2, and Final Fight. With the mobile-friendly design of the website, gamers can access these games and the entire Capcom Town experience from the convenience of their smartphones, ensuring widespread availability for all retro gaming enthusiasts seeking to relive these cherished classics.

Notably, all the games within Capcom Town are offered in both Japanese and English languages, highlighting the tendency for Japanese game titles to undergo changes when brought to the Western market. Therefore, players need not be perplexed if they initially encounter the title “Rocketman”; rest assured, they have arrived at the right place to enjoy the legendary adventures of Mega Man.

Visiting Capcom Town unveils a multitude of attractions for gamers to savor, including a captivating museum showcasing concept art, game footage, and various other elements from Capcom’s major franchises. Additionally, players have the opportunity to contribute to the museum’s expansion by voting on new exhibits, which can be found at the town’s central location. Moreover, engaging in trivia related to Capcom games presents the chance to earn special rewards, further adding to the excitement and interactivity of the Capcom Town experience.

In conclusion, Capcom’s initiative to make its classic games accessible via web browsers through Capcom Town is a delightful gift to gaming enthusiasts worldwide. By creating a virtual hub that combines rich information, engaging gameplay, and interactive elements, Capcom has succeeded in reigniting the passion and nostalgia associated with its esteemed history. Whether players seek to embark on thrilling adventures as Mega Man or engage in intense battles with Street Fighter 2’s iconic characters, Capcom Town stands as a digital time capsule, allowing fans to revisit the glory days of gaming while celebrating the remarkable legacy of Capcom.

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