Capcom Unleashed The New Trailer for MONSTER HUNTER WORLD: ICEBORNE

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 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Capcom is prepped up for E3 by releasing a new trailer for the DLC to Monster Hunter World and it is called Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It looks awesome and makes me want to play some Monster Hunter. The trailer centers on the story of the new DLC and has lots of cinematics, but it does also feature what seems to be some gameplay footage without the UI but the music in the trailer is quite silly.

“Picking up from the end of the storyline in Monster Hunter: World, Iceborne has players joining forces with the Research Commission once again to explore the undiscovered new land of Hoarfrost Reach, which will be the largest map in the game. Following an unusual sighting of Legiana from the Ancient Forest, the team journeys across the waters to a new locale with a frigid climate covered in snow and ice. As pioneers, the group soon sets up a new base camp in Hoarfrost Reach called Seliana, which serves as a warm haven with resources to prepare them for the challenging quests that await.”

Some of the new monsters from Hoarfrost will include the Shrieking Legiana, which can freeze the air around it, as well as the Tigrex. You will also see the new weapon combinations and features becoming available to them as well.

You can pre-order Iceborne right now for only $40. For $10 more, you can get the Deluxe Kit DLC as well that features some cosmetic items. Of course, if you’re new to Monster Hunter World, you can get the Master Edition which will include the base game and the expansion for only $60.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be released on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox with a PC release scheduled for later this winter.

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