Casino Games Platforms – How they differ?

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Online casino software platforms may have developed a similar range of traditional casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack but they have all managed to create their unique style of game which sets them all apart. If you play on a variety of different games at any of Microgaming casinos for several weeks or months and then do the same at a Playtech casino you will notice how different each company’s games are.

Microgaming, Playtech, WMS Gaming and NetEnt have all developed entirely different online casino products from one another and they have managed to produce an extraordinarily diverse range of games. You could say that it is the number of industry awards that a software provider has won that makes one particular online casino software provider than other, or you could say that it is the number of individual casinos that each company’s games can be found out. However, we prefer to think that it is purely down to personal choice.

Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt have all developed state of the art live dealer casinos and these products are also entirely different from one another. They are all worth checking out and we can’t say which live casino product is the best. Microgaming has even developed a Playboy bunny live dealer casino with sexy Playboy bunny dealers dressed in official Playboy bunny clothing. Live dealer games can be launched instantly in your web browser plus you can also enjoy playing on some of these live dealer games from your smart-phone or tablet device.

Even though all of the developers are making slots, each of them has its style and experienced gamblers can easily differentiate the games from one company from another. If you know what kind of games each slots provider create, you can easily find what you want to play without spending hours checking every single video slot on this website. It will take some time to get familiar with all of the developers but it is worth it as you can find many fantastic games that you have never heard of.

Among the casino software providers, you can find large favorite companies that release a few dozens of slots each year and small not-so-famous developers with the small game collection which doesn’t mean their slots are not good enough. There is hardly a single gambler who has never heard of Microgaming, IGT slots, Playtech slots or NetEnt slots while Barcrest or Bally slot machines are known to less number of players. But all of these companies have the games worth playing and distinguishing features of their slots. For example, WMS slots and EGT slots firstly appeared in land-based casinos and can remind you of good old days when you had to go to Vegas to make some spins. Among the Aristocrat slots, you will find many animal-themed games and free Novomatic slots will take you on the trip to the far-away parts of the world with its Egypt-themed and Asian-themed casino games. Besides the game plots, slots by different providers also differ in how they look and what features they have. Some providers make modern video slots with state-of-the-art graphics and complicated features while others prefer to create simple classic slots with just several pay-lines and 2D graphics. Thus, every gambler will find something on his or her taste.

The Top 5 Game Providers

Game providers are many and varied so you need to have a good hold on what to look for in your casino game providers. NetEnt, Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, Play’N’GO and Playtech all hit the top of the list when it comes to casino platform providers. This article will highlight the different features of each of these online casino providers and describe in detail what you should look for when choosing your favorite casino platform provider.

  • Netent Providers – Pioneers in the Industry

Net Entertainment is generally referred to as NetEnt and is a company based in Sweden that was established in 1996. NetEnt was one of the first software developers to produce on a Java platform. They are regarded as the pioneers of the industry and initially started up their online casino platform. However, now they power over 140 casinos in many languages, including English. Although NetEnt is often overlooked because it sits alongside many newer platforms, you need to take notice of this game provider because they produce some of the best games you will ever play. NetEnt is licensed and regulated meaning that you are assured of the integrity and gaming practices. NetEnt produces both browsers based on PC and mobile browsers’ meaning that you can play their games at home or on the go. Recently NetEnt has also added live dealers to their casinos but is still best known for their slot games and innovative designs. Some of the most popular games produced by NetEnt are Gonzo’s Quest, Robin Hood, and Mega Fortune. Progressive jackpots also seem to be an important part of NetEnt casinos and these offer prizes pooled across the various casinos that use the NetEnt software.

  • Microgaming – The Father of Online Gaming

If NetEnt is the pioneer in online gaming, then Microgaming is the father. Microgaming has made a name for themselves in the last couple of years and when their name is mentioned pro gamers bow down low. They are based on the Isle of Man and it can be argued that Microgaming was the company that put iGaming on the map worldwide. Having over 850 various casino games on offer, Microgaming has been no outsider to accolades over the years. Usually, their games are available for you to play on your browser and to download for play. Their main focus is on creating exclusive and original games which their players find to be of the highest quality. The company also has the largest and possibly most diverse range of games available online. If you are looking for a casino software developer to stick with’ then Microgaming is a sure thing.

  • NextGen Gaming – Small Package, Big Rewards

Although NextGen Gaming can be measured as a small provider of online gaming’ they have some prominent publications on their list. You will generally see NextGen gaming in conjunction with other vendors such as NetEnt and Play’n Go because they are not as big as other online casino platforms. Though, the bigger companies love to work with them because they offer high-quality gaming with exceptional graphics, strong themes, and original features.

  • Play’n Go – Independent and Unique

Play’n GO is a company based out of Sweden who targets the European market. They have operated independently since 2004 and offer over 50 games that are available in more than 30 languages. Most of these are also available on a mobile platform which makes game-play all the better because you play anywhere, anytime. Play’n GO present a complete portfolio of games that offer high-quality software programs for instant play. The graphics are all high definition and are manipulated to suit a variety of different markets. The unique feature that Play’n GO offers is the widget attachment, which allows players to add the widget to their browser and enjoy anytime. They can also be used in banner ads and other promotional pop-ups to attract you to play the games that they offer. Play’n GO has also developed solutions that have allowed these online games to be supported on smartphones and tablets. They listen to their customers and receive great success because of it.

  • Playtech – The New Kid on the Block

Playtech is a relative newcomer to the iGaming world, but they see themselves as a major candidate in the market and specialize in gaming systems. Not only are they brilliant when it comes to developing software’ they are also deeply involved in all aspects of iGaming development. Keeping themselves firmly planted in aspects of online gaming allow Playtech to keep up-to-date with what customers are looking for in the iGaming world. While it is true that they do not stand out from the crowd for any one particular thing, it is certain that they stand out because they are well-established in all aspects of online gaming. It is probably good to note that players from the United States are not accepted for their games.

Choosing the Right Software Provider

Game providers as mentioned above are flooding the market, but how do you know how to select the right service provider for you? Well, there are a few simple things that you should look into before picking your favorite. The quality of the technology behind every game is the number one determining success factor. You want to find online live casino providers that can create an inventive and unique twist to their games to keep you entertained. You want an expert in the field that has a well-respected status. When looking at a casino software providers list, you want to make sure that the company is in touch with the users that are playing the games, so check their demographics and see if you fit into that. Above all, you have to go with what catches your eye. It is a safe bet that if you love a game by one particular provider, then you will probably like them all.

How to Compare Providers

The best way to compare online game providers is by reading reviews about them. There are several reviews websites to read reviews about the providers because they are neutral in their approach. There you will see information about providers, software, poker games, slot games, and online betting sites.

Software Features

The foundation of any online casino is the quality of software and technology that they use. Each platform has its unique twist on developing games, innovating new ideas, and foreseeing where the industry is going. As with every other aspect of technology, the casino software is growing and moving at a rapid pace, but there are some key software features that you should be aware of. A user-friendly interface is one of the most critical aspects of casino software. The ease with which you can deposit or withdraw money is another feature worth highlighting, and of course, the availability of your most favorite games is a determining factor. The variety of iGaming games available to you is also an essential element to consider. Each one of these things should be embedded in a game provider’s business plan. A right provider will be able to understand the needs of their users and focus on the’ while keeping up to date with the latest technology and innovation.

Pay Attention to the Game Payout Percentages

The main reason besides relaxation that people play online games is to win money. The odds and expected returns on your investment are something that you have to think about when choosing an online casino game provider. The expected rate of returns is the first thing that you should look at after you have found a company with high technology, a user-friendly interface, and all of the other things mentioned above. Most of the reviews that you read will provide you with the expected rate of return for all games. You want to be looking for games that have a minimum of 90%, and ideally, more than a 95% return to the player.

The Future of Game Providers

Slot providers have been around for about 20 years now. Because they are in an ever-evolving industry and age, there are bound to be some significant changes happening shortly. Traditionally, casinos were powered by single casino software providers. However, newer casinos are bucking tradition and packing their sites with multiple software providers and 100’s of games for your enjoyment. The most significant development on the horizon is likely to be more massive and more progressive jackpots. The world is becoming more globalized, and this is in large part due to technology, so it is only natural that Gaming will follow in those footsteps and become more globalized themselves.

Important Companies to Mention in the Market

Real Time Gaming was once considered at the top of the market when it came to online gaming. Although they have been relegated from the ‘best of’ lists’ they are necessary to mention as they are still considered to be one of the biggest providers around, especially when you think about quality and popularity. They offer many different slots and also have a lot of progressive jackpot slots. Aristocrat is an Australian gaming brand and also one of the biggest in the world. Aristocrat has helped to grow the online gaming industry for years and has been operating for decades all over the world. Some of the most popular games they have created are Bing Ben and Queen of the Nile.

Innovations in Casino Software

The gambling industry is often criticized for their slow movement in change and games that were played back in the days of the rat pack are still being played in the same way today. However, the games have not changed; the innovation behind where and when we can play them has changed considerably. Progressive jackpots have to be one of the most significant changes in development in recent years, with live dealers coming in at a close second. Live dealers are just another example of how the gambling industry is using innovation to make your online gaming experience more realistic and authentic.

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