Casino Games Technology Development Over the Past 10 Years

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The online casino gaming industry might still be quite young, but it has already gone through a series of changes and developments. As a result of that, the games we play on our mobiles today look totally different games from the past.

Technology is constantly evolving. With it, everything changes, including the games we can play at online casinos. In order to get a better insight into exactly how games were influenced by technology, you need to familiarise yourself with the development of gaming technology over the years.

In the following article, we have selected some of the key moments in the development of games and gaming technology over the past decade.


Improved gaming experience

Not surprisingly, one of the most evident developments of games has to do with the improvement of punters’ gaming experience. Whereas ten years ago gamblers played casino games with no visual effects whatsoever, modern-day punters enjoy games with 3D and even 4D effects that look as spectacular as video games effects.

Web-based casino gaming

Online and mobile betting already controls the gambling industry. You have already heard how the Internet has made games more accessible and all the other obvious things. What most fail to grasp, however, is that Internet technology has allowed games to be played directly on the gaming site, without having to download and install anything.

Just a few years ago, however, gamblers had to install specific software if they wanted to play games.


Multiple-player casino gaming

Over the past years, games became more interactive, thanks to the Internet again, of course. Online technology has been utilized in both video and gaming in order to create multi-player platforms for players to enjoy. At present, you will hardly find a video game without a multi-player option.

Similarly to video games, casino games have become more interactive as well. Gamblers can now play table games together from different locations, compare results, challenge each other, etc. – which was impossible some ten years ago. Back then, online gamblers could not interact with opponents, which essentially made gambling an incredibly lonely enterprise.


Better games

In the dawn of online gambling, you could not find a game with smooth graphics. In fact, the only games in existence had incredibly poor graphics and looked largely the same as the graphics of Super Mario in terms of quality. To put it simply, all games were pixelated.

Gradually, video technology improved and soon the quality of game graphics was substantially improved. Most slots of today feature at least two themes, each with its own graphics and special features.

World’s leading software developers like Playtech and IGT work hard to make their games innovative. For example, unlike slot games of the past, which lacked bonus features, slots today come with an extensive list of bonus features, progressive jackpots, and great bonus levels to keep players entertained and increase their winning chances.

Finally, online games have gone life, thus giving us the best of both worlds – we can enjoy gaming from the comfort of our own home and still feel like we are playing at a land-based casino. What is more, new games are added to the live gaming market on a regular basis, ensuring that each gambler can find a game they like and enjoy it in a live format.


Implementation of virtual reality and artificial intelligence

While virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies are still in development, we can expect software companies to take advantage of them in a full scale. Essentially, virtual reality and artificial intelligence can provide completely new features of online games.

First of all, once virtual reality gaming becomes a common kind of gaming, it will transform the gaming industry. Gamblers playing slot games will be rewarded with coins falling from the sky when they score a big win, and table games enthusiasts will be able to monitor the expressions and body language of their opponents, just like in a land-based casino.

Secondly, artificial intelligence might be the solution to gambling addiction. According to leading experts and software providers, if AI technology is introduced in casino games, it can be used to detect problem gambling behavior. If this really is the case, then it might be possible to fight and eliminate gambling addiction.

All in all, gaming has gone a long way. In just a decade, software providers changed the way games look and, from pixelated games with no bonus features, which require a software to play, we now enjoy great virtual and live games with unparalleled graphics and bonus options.

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