Casino Games With The Highest Payouts

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Casinos have the advantage over players with the house edge. The house edge and the payout percentages will determine how much you can make by betting against the house. You want to know the house edge of any game you play and determine which games have the lowest house edge and compare the house edge to the possibility of the payout. Typically, casinos have a house edge that ranges from 2 to 3 percent, with an average of 2.5 percent. The payout percentage is like the house edge, telling you how much you receive for each dollar you wager on a slot machine. If the slot machine says it has a 98 percent payout percentage, then for each dollar you wager you should receive about 98% back, eventually. Now, the house edge and payout percentages need to factor into how and what games you play. You also want to consider the best casino game odds.

Games with the Better Odds

Blackjack has 0.28% house edge odds with optimal play, meaning you have a better chance of winning against the house than you would be playing a different game. The house edge is also lower on blackjack, which is why it can be more favorable to the player.

Craps has a 1.36% house edge if you play the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come. With craps, you have a lot of rules and you want to bet with the house when it comes to your choices for those bets.

Video Poker house edge can be as little as 0.46%. The odds also change depending on the wager you make and which version you play. Certain wagers will give the house more of an edge than if you spread your wager out and take a lower payout.

Slot machines, have the worst odds for hitting the main jackpot but have good odds overall. While you can make small winnings, the chances of getting a million or higher out of the machine are higher than 1 in 50,000,000.

High Payouts

Now that you understand house edge, payout percentage, and odds we can discuss what games or hands have high payouts. The likelihood of you getting the highest payout in the game—well that is where the odds come in—you need to compare the highest payouts to the very low odds of winning.

Let’s take a royal flush for an example. This is the highest poker hand you can have in a game. It also must be a natural royal flush without any wild cards. With a video poker machine, you might earn as much as 800 coins. Some machines offer 4,000 coins for a royal flush based on how many coins you play. The chances of getting a royal flush are extremely low, which is why the payout is higher.

Consider a progressive slot machine that is up to 3 million. Yes, these machines have paid out, but consider how many times the game has been played before it pays out. You don’t hear of a progressive slot machine making someone a millionaire every day. In fact, it might take three years before the same game makes a new winner a millionaire.

Games with High Payouts

  • Progressive Slot Machines
  • Live dealer poker
  • Video poker machine hands like the royal flush
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette, if you hit on a single number, which has exceptionally low odds

One game that has not been mentioned yet is Baccarat. The house edge is decent because you are betting on whether the bank or the player is going to win. A winning hand is as close to 9 as possible and the lowest hand equals zero. Any of the high cards like a king are considered zero, while an 8 could win over an ace. Given the possibilities of winning and the wagers you can place, you have a chance of getting a payout each time you wager at 98.94%. However, the payout will be lower than other table games. Make sure you research each game, how to play it, and consider if a high payout with high risk is what you want.


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