Casual Arcade Style Indie Game GRAVIATORS Will Be Released On Steam Soon

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Exciting tidings are in store for all you enthusiasts of arcade-style games! Brace yourselves for the imminent arrival of “GRAVIATORS,” a sensational new casual arcade-style game concocted by the ingenious minds at Couch in the Woods Interactive, in collaboration with the esteemed publishers, Bonus Stage Publishing. The gaming cosmos is set to be electrified as this unique gem graces the digital realm of Steam by the close of this month.

Stepping into the orbit of “GRAVIATORS” feels like embarking on a journey tailor-made for aficionados of the arcade genre. This captivating title stands as a testament to its creators’ commitment to cultivating a symbiotic relationship with the thriving e-sports community while stoking the flames of healthy competition. Set against the backdrop of celestial expanses, “GRAVIATORS” takes on the guise of a team-based arena sports extravaganza. Within the expanse of pinball-inspired arenas, players are tasked with harnessing the remarkable gravity-altering and shielding capabilities of their spacepods. This enables them to masterfully maneuver and unleash the game’s centerpiece: a ball poised to be propelled towards opponents’ goals with unfettered fervor.

Anticipate a trio of exhilarating game modes that await eager participants who seize the opportunity to dive into the world of “GRAVIATORS”:

  1. Versus Arena: Navigate the intricate battleground, meticulously dismantling shields that envelop adversaries’ ominous black holes to attain fleeting yet precious points. Precision shots that find their mark within the elusive confines of the black hole resonate with triumph as they convert into glorious goals, adorning your name upon the scoreboard in triumphant fashion.
  2. Planetary Arena: Here, goals span the expanse of both ends of the screen, artfully divided by the enigmatic pull of a central black hole. A strategic interplay with this cosmic entity imbues the ball with a newfound vigor, adding an exhilarating twist to the proceedings. Success in this realm hinges on deftly dispelling shields, followed by the sublime gratification of scoring goals that contribute to your ever-advancing tally.
  3. Meteor Shower: Amidst this turbulent storm of space-borne debris, your duty is to shield your cherished planet from the relentless onslaught of asteroids hurtling its way. Display nimble dexterity as you expeditiously obliterate these interstellar obstacles, all the while accumulating a multiplier that escalates with your prowess. As waves surge forth, expect the emergence of novel asteroid types, coupled with other menacing perils that only heighten the exhilarating challenge.

Mark the date in your celestial calendar, for “GRAVIATORS” is slated to descend upon the digital realm of PC gaming via Steam on the hallowed day of August 31st. Prepare to be immersed in a symphony of competition, strategy, and cosmic spectacle that promises to etch itself indelibly upon your gaming odyssey.

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