Cat Camp, Indoor/Outdoor Tents for Felines

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Cat Camp

Australian entrepreneurs created Cat Camp, a fine line of adorably petite, feline-sized beds that look just like human tents. These tents are lightweight, easy to put together, suitable for indoor or light outdoor use and gives kitty with a comfy hiding place along and an ability to still watch what’s going on. The company studied long and hard to make sure that the product ticked all the right boxes.

Cats love small, dark and comfy places – this behavior is instinctive so they can hide from predators and they naturally feel safe when the walls of a box or tent come into contact with their little furry bodies. …Whether you’re planning to head out for a few nights under the stars or just looking for a unique resting place for your cat, Cat Camp is a great addition for any living room.

Cat Camp is currently accepting orders through their site, although international shipping may take a bit of time and/or money.

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