Cat Mario: a Mario Game With a Cat!

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 Cat Mario: a Mario Game With a Cat!

Are you a retro gamer? Nintendo fan? Well then you must be a Super Mario fan as well. Would you agree that our good old plumber, which we also reviewed last week in Kill the Plumber 2, is one of the best things to happen to the gaming world? I would say yes, but that’s because I grew up in Mario’s era and have always been fond of him and Luigi. They formed the basis of my gaming habits.

Now, what’s the most searched keyword in the history of the interwebs? A lot of sources would agree that cats rule the internet. That’s to say that if you enter the word ‘cat’ into Google, you’ll get more than half a billion search results to sift through and I guess that isn’t counting various other search queries like “kitty”, “kitten” or “kitty cat”. Pretty fascinating but not so surprising. Cats are awesome and too cute for our own good.

I guess you’re wondering what on earth cats have to do with Mario. Confused? I was as well when I first read this game title: Cat Mario.

Cat Mario is the perfect mesh of Mario and a cat, except without Mario. Confused again? Basically, instead of playing Mario in his own game, you’ll be playing a white cat instead. The cat has all of Mario’s capabilities, which is nothing more than bouncing up and down and moving left to right to dodge and kill villains in this typical side bar scroll games.

Break bricks, collect points, travel through green tunnels and open new worlds! Everything you expect in a Mario game you’ll get in Cat Mario with the added bonus of a cute cat. I’m happy this game came out. What do you think of it?


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