Catchy and Viral Coronavirus Pop Song Out of Vietnam Took The Internet By Storm

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Coronavirus Pop Song

COVID-19 is hitting Asian countries hard, the Viet Nam Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health put out a viral and very viral, animated pop song that features celebrity musicians Kuac HungMin and Erik singing about how to handle Coronavirus, how to be safe getting the virus and the value of being kind to one another during this health crisis.

(translated) ‘Jealousy Ms. Vy’ is a creative project of the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, in collaboration with musician Khac Hung, singer Min and singer Erik. Through this project, we look forward to empowering and trusting the community, so that we can join hands to combat COVID-19 (aka nCoV-2019). … Let our community take the initiative in implementing preventive habits as recommended by specialized agencies and spreading good and kind things to win the disease together.

Even John Oliver loved it!


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