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What do Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, and Jack Nicholson all have in common?  Aside from being insanely rich and talented, they also share a love for vaping.  No matter what social circle you hail from, vaping is picking up steam everywhere.  Different celebrities use vaping for various reasons, just like people do.  Here are a few lifestyles of the rich and famous that also happen to include vaping in their regimen.

One of the biggest advocates of vaping is Leonardo DiCaprio.  He is proud of his hobby and is rarely seen without his vape.  He even took it to the SAG awards which promptly lead to the banning of vaping from the Oscars.  Of course, he did go on to win an Oscar, so you win some you lose some. Regardless, Leo is a boon to the community and a positive voice.

Speaking of positive influence, both Jack Nicholson and Samuel L. Jackson switched to the vape scene.  Both claim that their switch was based on the health benefits of switching from tobacco or at least reducing their overall usage.  Even stars such as Tom Hardy and Richard Hammond have been known to vape, although not specifically for the healthier aspect.


Another huge voice for the vaping community comes from Katherine Heigl.  Not only does this amazing woman rock the vape, but she also challenged David Letterman to try it during a live interview.  This eye-opening event really brought the stock to the small community at that point.  Since then, Katy Perry and Sienna Miller have also vaped out at many high-level events.  Both of which happened to vape at the Golden Globes.  Katy can even be seen sharing with one Orlando Bloom.

While not everyone has a huge voice about their choices, many celebs do pick up the trend.  Shia LaBeouf, Johnny Depp, and Vanessa Hudgens have all been seen vaping, even if it is not as predominant as others on the list.  Some major hitters come from all over the place, not just on the silver screen.  Christina Milian and Sean Penn both enjoy their hobby as well.

It turns out that no matter what celebrity enterprise you are from, there are vapers everywhere.  The music industry has practically exploded with artists who vape.  These artists range from Bow Wow all the way to Van Halen and back to Bobby Brown.  Even Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones has been seen to ditch the cigarettes for a trusty vape.

While celebrities often shine out as untouchable individuals’ miles above society, these tales show that in many ways they are still like everyone else.  These great people realize the benefits of switching from the cig to the vape and have really brought the culture into Hollywood.  This is far from an exhaustive list.  As it gains popularity, more and more celebrities will start to ditch tobacco in favor of a safer alternative.


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