Change Your Old iPhone Battery To Make Your Handset Faster

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If you have an older iPhone like I do and you think it is getting slower with every heavy iOS update, there could be a solution to make your old handset faster and I have to say it makes sense, get a new battery. It would appear that as the battery deteriorates on older iPhones, the CPU clock speed is reduced to preserve battery life, again that makes perfect sense.

This was recently confirmed by Reddit user TeckFire who has the battery replaced on his iPhone 6S. His handset had been getting slower and he decided to benchmark the handset. The benchmarks came out lower than they should be. Then he had the battery on his iPhone 6S replaced and when he benchmarked the handset after the new battery installed he notices a significant improvement in performance, check out the benchmarks below.

iPhone Battery

My iPhone 6S has been very slow these past few weeks, and even after updating multiple times, it was still slow. Couldn’t figure out why, but just thought that iOS 11 was still awful to me. Then I used my brother’s iPhone 6 Plus and his was… faster than mine? This is when I knew something was wrong. So, I did some research, and decided to replace my battery. Wear level was somewhere around 20% on my old battery. I did a Geekbench score and found I was getting 1466 Single and 2512 Multi. This did not change whether I had low power mode on or off. After changing my battery, I did another test to check if it was just a placebo. Nope. 2526 Single and 4456 Multi. From what I can tell, Apple slows down phones when their battery gets too low, so you can still have a full days charge.

So there you, If you have an older iPhone and its battery is giving you less and less time and it is getting slower day by day, Now you have an option to give your old phone a new life, change the old battery!

Source RedditGSM Arena


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