How To Change Your Skin in Minecraft

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The image of a typical default Minecraft character skin for Steve (Alex being the other default skin) looks decent enough, albeit a little boring. When you are playing Minecraft, take a longer look at yourself by pressing the F5 key – aren’t you bored yet? Pressing F5 one more time changes the view so that you can see your character in close-up mode and find confirmation that Steve is boring indeed. If you play on a server like Minecraft Survival Servers, using ‘Steve’ default skin screams ‘beginner’. Fortunately for you, the process of modifying Minecraft skins is very easy.


How to Change Minecraft Skins in the PC Edition

Altering Minecraft Skins on PC/Desktop edition of Minecraft game has evolved over the last 8 years, and it keeps getting easier for Windows and Mac users alike. There are two fundamental sets of guidelines to follow, subject to whether you want to alter your skin to one of the available items in the in-built skin chooser or you want to have one of the millions of downloadable third-party skins available on the Web.

How to change your skin in Minecraft In-Game

With most recent updates to the game, Minecraft made it super easy to change your skin to one of multiple pre-selected or featured skins in the game. This can be done using the very intuitive Skin Chooser feature. To get started, click on the icon depicting a clothes hanger below your character right on the main title screen. You can preview and choose a variety of skins from here. Many skins are free, but quite a few must be unlocked using Minecraft Coins, a virtual currency created to purchase in-built downloadable content. The paid skins are those with white lock icons attached to them.

Changing Minecraft Skins using downloadable items from the Web

Obviously, you are not limited to the skins available with the Skin Chooser feature. There are myriads of skins available around the Web, almost all of them being created and distributed by devoted Minecraft players. The process of locating and downloading new Minecraft skins from the Web is quite simple if you follow the following steps.

  1. Download the skins you like

Minecraft skins are tiny images in PNG format. The uninstalled Minecraft skins look almost like unassembled paper dolls. Users download skins from websites like Skins4Minecraft. It doesn’t matter Where you save your downloaded skins is not that important, as long as you keep in mind the name of the folder. It will be easier to organize your collection if you modify the file PNG names in accordance.

  1. Login to

Once you have saved your desired skin, visit your profile on the official Minecraft site. Just click on Profile to log in using your Mojang account (the email you used to register is the username).

  1. Upload your skin from the Profile page

Once you are on your profile page, click the Browse button in order to browse through the folders until you find the skin of your choice. After you have selected the skin you want to use, press Upload and wait until the confirmation message appears.

  1. Enter Minecraft and test your new skin

All you need to do is to log into Minecraft. if you are already inside the game, leave and enter anew. After that, simply load up a world (any world will go) and press F5 button to see your new skin. Quite a transformation, don’t you agree?

  1. Customize your skin using the menu

Since the updates to Minecraft 1.8, skins can incorporate individual items such as jackets, coats, or hats, without having to also install any mods. To customize your skins, go to OptionsSkin Customization. Keep in mind that only the very recent skins are compatible with the features in Minecraft 1.8.

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