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With the span of time from introduction of gadgets to now when we are receiving updates on them every week we have certainly incorporated these gadgets in our daily lifestyle. They have a become a strong part of our life which cannot be ignored in any way.

With the advancements in technology, we have observed the development of certain websites which help you do certain activities digitally without any physical activity. Technology has now started promoting a luxurious lifestyle. Among these websites, one best example to quote would be Booksrun which helps in selling books.

These sort of websites and gadgets to have become very popular, Booksrun is being used by so many students for selling their used books. For today, we will be exploring some amazing facts about technology which have been listed below:

  • Existence of Email

You all would be surely well aware of the usage and working of emails. It is very easy to connect through an email. We all use emails today with the help of World Wide Web (www) but in earlier days there’s was no world wide web (www) then also, people used to communicate through emails.

Yes, mails existed even before the presence of World Wide Web (www) probably due to this fact it wasn’t this simple to send mails as it is present. There was a server known as a micro net which was then used for this purpose it used to offer certain web pages among which one used to belong for the emailing purpose.

  • Plugging the USB Device in a wrong manner

USB devices are a great innovation which helps us in transporting information in such a feasible way. It is a fact that 86% of the people try to plug their USB devices in a wrong manner i.e. usually upside down.

  • How did people use to click pictures when the camera was introduced?

Have you ever wondered about this question ever?

There is a real fun fact behind this answer. When cameras were first introduced, if one wanted to a click a picture then he/ she had to sit still for almost 8 hours. Although now with development in technology, we can click pictures in a single second.

  • Facts about apple logo

Apple is a very famous company selling electronic devices the most popular being it’s iPhone series.

Have you ever went through the very first Apple logo, it was introduced decades back from now. 

This logo was apparently very different from the present one, it had the picture of Sir Issac Newton sitting under a tree where an apple was about to hit his head.

  • Computer that can run from water

Yes, don’t be amazed in earlier times a computer was discovered which could run on water. This computer was designed in 1936 in Russia. The purpose of building this unique gadget was that it could solve equations. Now, it has been featured in Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum.


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