Check Out The All Awesome BLOCKS Smartwatch

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BLOCKS Smartwatch

The true power of technology lies in customization. The BLOCKS Smartwatch gets this, and allows you to add new features to your watch or upgrade existing ones to infinitely expand the functionality of your smartwatch. With a continually growing library of modules, BLOCKS gives you the power to make your smartwatch work uniquely for you.

BLOCKS’ open platform means you have a huge degree of freedom to actually build modules for your own watch. Fully customizable, indeed.

BLOCKS Smartwatch

Raised over $1.6 million on Kickstarter!

  • Add modules to your watch depending on what you’ll need for the day
  • Choose between a range of add-on modules, from battery packs to flashlights to heart rate & environmental monitors
  • Stay on the map w/ the GPS module & keep your health in mind w/ the heart rate module
  • Link your smartwatch to your iPhone or Android for added functionality
  • Download apps & music to your watch & enjoy them on the run
  • Buy new modules as they are released to further customize your smartwatch
  • Use BLOCKS’ open platform to develop new modules for your own phone & for wider consumption


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