Check Out A Fully Functioning Nintendo Wii Inside A Mint Tin

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Nintendo Wii

A hardware genius goes with the Shank was somehow able to out a fully functioning Wii console inside an Altoids breath mint. This miniature version of the Wii was discovered by Nintendo Life, and apparently, the creator of the device describes his creation as “the worst thing ever.”

The device, which is called the KillMii, has a very short battery life of ten minutes, runs hot, and has awful controls. However, the amazing thing here is that Shank was able to somehow fit a real Wii inside. The KillMii sports a two-inch screen and includes 3DS buttons and circle pads for the controls. The tin console also supports Wii remotes as it incorporated a custom sensor bar. You can watch how the device works via a YouTube video where the creator attempts to boot a quick session of Super Smash Bros.


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