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As a release title for the Playstation 5, I would have assumed Godfall to have a lot more information about how the game works and what it is, and what we can assume after buying it. But until newly, we’ve just had a collection of trailers of characters hitting around enemies. Also, they did release one amazing cinematic trailer a short while ago. However, now we are getting some in-depth looks into what Godfall is, the world that we can expect exploring, what the loot will look like, and how much we can customize the characters in the game.

The first video shows our first impressions of how our stats, loot, and skills will look like in menus and how they will influence gameplay. Between changing stats and opening abilities at our speed and in the order we want, I am surprised how good this game looks. I can already see people taking different paths and concentrating on very various things to make really unique and robust characters.

The video below is from the Destiny loremaster himself, My Name Is Byf. He covers the extensive lore of Destiny while tinkering in Monster Hunter, Dishonored, DOOM, and now Godfall. If you’ve ever been interested in these franchises’ deeper lore or individual stories, this is the man with the voice meant to tell tales of old. He speaks of the origin of the world of Godfall and how it started to the game’s universe we see now.

More videos and details should be coming out soon about Godfall. It is a few weeks away from release, we better get more details.


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