Check Out Samsung 2018 QLED TV Videos

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Samsung 2018 QLED TV

2018 Samsung QLED TVs are official now, you can choose from many different models in the range from 49 inches up to 82 inches.

Samsung released some videos to show just how good the new television range is. Check out the videos for new features which will be available on their new QLED TVs.

“Samsung’s QLED TVs feature a new ‘Direct Full Array’ that carefully regulates brightness. This cutting-edge technology employs a full grid of LED backlights to ensure that each section of the screen is accurately illuminated in order to deliver the best possible image quality. This feature allows the QLED TVs to darken specific areas of the screen while simultaneously illuminating others. This creates dazzling contrast – with brighter brights and darker darks – and allows content that’s been optimized to feature rich, nuanced color, such as HDR10+ video, to really shine.”

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