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Nintendo ended their Nintendo Direct for Super Mario Maker 2 and it had a lot more details. The game has all the aspects which fans loved about the first Super Mario Maker, but then they combined features to make it even awesome. Some of these new features are the ability to design courses using a Super Mario 3D style, new parts, and even a cool story mode.

Yep, Super Mario Maker 2 will have a story mode but don’t think it will be anything deep. The story mode will feature Mario serving to rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. Mario then goes through some courses built by Nintendo in an attempt for Nintendo to help give gamers ideas for their courses.

Also, it should be noted that the Super Mario 3D style does not translate to the other available styles. This is because there are even more tools including the catsuit, clear pipe, koopa troopa car, track block, piranha creeper, and more available only in this style.

Courses can now be built with new themes as well including Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky. These themes give us new music from Koji Kondo, and different visuals. In addition, if you use the new Moon part, it not only unlocks new night versions of each theme, but it adds new challenges to each theme.

Fans will also be able to play some courses online with friends either cooperatively or competitively. This will require a Nintendo Online subscription though. Unfortunately, that requirement of a Nintendo Online subscription extends to all the aspects of the online portion of this game including sharing your own courses with the world or trying other people’s courses.

Check out the full Nintendo Direct below with the action starting around 29:30. Super Mario Maker 2 will release on the Nintendo Switch on June 28.

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