Check Out The 15 Minutes of Mafia: Definitive Edition Gameplay Footage

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Mafia Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition is more than polished version of the original 2002 game: it’s a complete remake, which is awesome because the original definitely looks like an open world game from 2002. We’ve not seen much of the game footage so far, but now, embedded below, there’s a 15 minute gameplay video.

The video comes courtesy of IGN, and aside from the footage, No new information is revealed with the gameplay footage. Some features are reiterated, such as the totally redesigned “period authentic” vehicles. There are motorcycles too, which as far as I know weren’t in the original.

You will see mostly ‘Trip to the Country’ mission in the video. If you’re curious about how it looked back in 2002, here’s a let’s play of the original. The game releases on September 25.


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