Check Out The All Awesome LEGO Kinetic Sculpture

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Kinetic Sculpture

LEGO fans are maybe interested in this unique LEGO Kinetic Sculpture from designer aeh5040. Full instructions on how to build your own have been issued to the Brick Safe website providing step-by-step instructions on how to make the unique Lego sculpture.

The kinetic sculpture has 470 parts and was designed back in 2016. Trueblood (2886), explains more about the build method and how you can change it to fit your needs, budgets and available bricks.

“What a strange and beautiful moving sculpture AEH5040 has created. Naming the creation after Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky is inspired. When I came upon the MOC recently—late to the party, as usual—I could not take my eyes off it as the video above played. I decided I had to have the model at home to contemplate. Building the MOC in the original orange colored bricks was just way too expensive. Even in red, the angled Technic bricks are very pricey. I settled on black with some red highlighting. If the angled bricks had been available in green, I’d likely have jumped at the opportunity—since the movement of the Slithy Toves makes me think of an undersea plant moving in the water currents. “



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