Check Out The Digital Version of GLOOMHAVEN In This New Gameplay Trailer

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Early Access for the digital conversion of the famous board game Gloomhaven starts next week and today we have a new gameplay trailer which has been just released to help explain how the game works. There will be no new information for veterans of the board game, but for new players like me, this is very helpful knowledge to have before the game.

In addition, Some more information has been revealed about new content being added to the new upcoming game. When Early Access starts on July 17, players will only have access to four characters. However, the roadmap (included below) shows that the Tinkerer and Mindthief will be coming to the game later this year along with some more enhancements.

If you want to get a deal on this game and want to play during Early Access, you should head to Steam and grab Gloomhaven for $24.99. At the launch, the game will cost a bit more for new purchases.

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