Check Out The First Ever 8K 60 FPS Game For PS5

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The Touryst

The Touryst, which first came out on Switch in 2019 and Xbox in 2020, has finally released on PS4 and PS5. But the PS5 port of this game, which is an adventure-packed puzzler carries a special distinction: It’s the first 8K/60 FPS console game ever released.

Developed by Shin’en Multimedia, The Touryst was first released on Nintendo Switch in November 2019. Following that, it closed up on Xbox One in 2020, and then later a recently enhanced port became an Xbox Series X/S launch title. These latest ports looked great because of the clean, colorful, voxel-like visuals of the original game.

It’s thanks to this clean and simple art style that the devs have been able to ship the first console game to render at a true, native 8K resolution. Yep, The Touryst on PS5 can run at an internal resolution of 7680×4320, and according to Eurogamer and Digital Foundry, the devs say they’ve accomplished this extraordinary performance milestone with no temporal super-sampling, checkerboarding DLSS-like upscaling, or any other fancy tricks. The Touryst is actually, really running at 8K/60 FPS.

Digital Foundry released a video describing how The Touryst on PS5 is able to look and run so well at a super high resolution.

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