Check Out The Free PS Plus Games For August 

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Mafia III

Sony revealed the lineup of free games available for PS Plus subscribers for the month of August. The lineup consists of six games, with two for each Sony platform, and for this month, two bonus PSVR games.

On PlayStation 4, Mafia III. The game puts players into the role of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran who comes home after years of being in battle. Upon discovering that his surrogate family has been wiped out, Clay built a new family and started a mission to hunt and seek revenge against those who are responsible for the death of his family.

Next on the PS4 list is the 4v1 horror game Dead by Daylight, where one player takes the role of a ruthless Killer, while the other four players would be the Survivors, trying to cover and avoid being tortured and killed by the Killer. The game is a fun multiplayer game that has a lot of different aspects for both the Killer and the Survivors. In our review of the game, we “enjoyed the leveling system and find it fair, as well as, helpful since it provides items to be used in matches. A good game to add to any horror fans library!”


  • Mafia III
  • Dead by Daylight


  • Bound by Flame
  • Serious Sam 3 BFE

PS Vita

  • Draw Slasher
  • Space Hulk


  • Here They Lie
  • Knowledge is Power

All 8 games will be available to download from August 7.

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