Check Out The IN NIGHTMARE Terrifying New Trailer

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Magic Fish Studios created a game that will haunt your dreams. Partnering with publisher Maximum Games, they are going to release their next game, In Nightmare, on PlayStation 4 this year. They even released an announcement trailer to reveal the terror which is waiting for us in the game.

In the trailer, they revealed what is to be our main character, a young boy who has closed himself off from all of the pain of the world and has fallen into a deep, nightmare-packed dream. Armed with his dream spirit, he must avoid and evade the monsters that are chasing him at every turn. Helpless against this terror, will he lock himself away forever or will he hang on to his last hope of love as he floats into the darkness?

The game has no official release date yet, but it looks amazing and its a must-have for horror genre fans, check out the trailer below.


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