Check Out The Video of Apple M1 Mac Mini Vs iMac 5K

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Apple M1 Mac Mini Vs iMac 5K

Apple’s new M1 range of new Macs are super impressive from what we have seen so far and now here we have a new M1 Mac Mini vs iMac 5K video.

Max Tex puts an $899 iMac with the new M1 processor up against an iMac 5K which costs $2,549, and below you will find out how it goes.

The Mac Mini is packing 16GB of RAM and the iMac 5K comes with 64GB of RAM, there is a significant difference in price between the two gadgets, although the iMac does come with a built-in display.

Apple’s new M1 powered Mac Mini is a very extraordinary device, I am super excited to see Apple’s new Silicon powered iMacs and can’t wait to get my hands on one.

The new range of Silicon Macs from Apple coming out next year and it include some more MacBooks and also some new Silicon iMacs.


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