Check Out This Awesome Earthquake Survival Bed 

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Earthquake Survival Bed 


Check out this brilliant and life saving bed which might save your life in the event of earthquake. Chinese innovator named Wang Wenxi has received a patent for a rather unorthodox, yet simple way of saving people while they are lying asleep. He aims to make an earthquake-proof bed that can deploy the instant it detects an Earthquake. What it does is let you fall into a hollow steel box and close it from the above so that you are essentially in an enclosed survival capsule, safe from all the destruction outside and may even survive a fall of multiple stories.

Many people die from starvation while trapped in the debris as the ones who perish in the initial destruction. So, the steel capsule is filled with water bottles, non-perishable snacks, and even medical supplies that might come in handy. So, a person can survive here for months waiting for rescuers to save him.

People who are claustrophobic will definitely have problems with this earthquake-proof measures since they can’t withstand cramped places let alone a metal container for months! But, modern technology can perhaps solve the problem for us by installing touchscreens on the inside to give a feeling of virtual spaciousness. This could help claustrophobics in their struggle to remain in there.

This will change the lives of people who live in high risk earthquake areas. Check out the video of the bed in action below.


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