Check Out This Awesome Lego Breakfast Machine

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Lego Breakfast Machine

Now we have a lego breakfast machine, we have seen a lot of things made with Lego in the past but this is something new altogether, This machine is made completely out of Lego and has the capability to make your eggs and bacon for you. The lego breakfast machine is made of small very detailed parts which include an egg cracker that can tap and split eggs.

It neatly drops of the shells and has a spatula car that is used to fry eggs and bacon. It also has claws that hold the egg in place while it is moved onto a plate by a machine. It also has the ability to pick up salt and pepper shakers to add flavor to the eggs.

“My father cooks breakfast every Saturday and Sunday – it is 104 times a year! He deserved this present,”the Breakfast Machine creator, The Brick Wall, writes. They claim that the hardest part was to make a part that had the ability to crack an egg but not drop the shell.

“I spent almost a week working on the right mechanism,” says the creator. Small metal blades are used to hold the eggshells in place and the machine only dropped the shells one out of 11 times during testing.


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