Check Out This Fun 3D Printed RTX 3080 Piggy Bank

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3D Printed RTX 3080 Piggy Bank

It is very hard to get Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080—it’s the hottest selling GPU right now. But while you might not be able to get one from a store for a bit, you can 3D print a replica that is also a piggy bank to save up the much needed funds for when you actually find one.

Regardless, the design is the workof Nils Kal, who uploaded the schematic to Prusa Printers (via OC3D). It is “scaled down a bit to fit on the MK3 print bed,” but you can scale it to 142 percent if you want a true-to-life replica of the Founders Edition model. The schematic for the money slot is also included.

“The design won’t require any supports and is pretty easy to print and assemble. You also won’t need any extra hardware. The color changes are layer based so no MMU required. The ‘PCI-E’ part has a built-in support that needs to be removed after the print,” Kal explains.

If printed at 100 percent scale and only put €2 coins inside, it can hold €851, Kal says. That’s equalto around $990 in US money, more than enough to buy an RTX 3080.

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