Check Out This Insane Motorbike Which Wants To Kill You

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It’s the creation of mad French motorbike and car fabricator, Lazareth. Technically, it is a quad bike. But with the wheels combined so close together, they act more like a single wheel ­– meaning you can roll it into corners like a regular motorbike.

“The LM 410 is much more convenient than the LM 847. We designed it to be lighter, easier to handle, and accessible to a wider group of riders,” Lazareth claims.


You have to be insane to think riding a near-500bhp V8-powered four-wheeled bike is normal. But we can just about get our heads around this one, as it’s an R1 with some extra rubber appendages.

These bikes are very expensive only 10 being made and priced at £100,000. Still, there are many fruitcakes in the world who’d want to have one.


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