Check Out Samsung’s Incredible Digital Cockpit Video

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Samsung’s Digital Cockpit

Samsung revealed the new DRVLINE self driving technology yesterday. Samsung developed the digital cockpit with HARMAN which is a part of Samsung.

The digital cockpit is consisted up of a number of OLED and QLED displays it also comes with a plenty of different buttons than can be independently configured to display various content. The new cockpit will make use of 5G technology and also Samsung’s IoT platform.  Check out the video below:

The driver will have a Cluster Display which displays all of the information a normal speedometer would. In the center of the cockpit is a 28 inch QLED display that Samsung calls the CID or Central Information Display. The third display is a 12.4-inch curved OLED display that is used to control things like the air conditioner and other car functions from the menu.



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