CHRONOS: BEFORE THE ASHES New Explanation Video is Here!

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Chronos: Before the Ashes is going to release next week. This game is the prequel to Remnant: From the Ashes and it is made by THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games. The game company released a new explanation video for the upcoming game that shows some of the features in the game. I really like the way with each death aging the character, which then changes what they can do. That is really impressive and is the whole reason that I’m so excited about the upcoming game.

You will face the mysteries, challenges, and dangers of the Labyrinth – and only careful study of your enemies’ behavior will help you overcome them. But don’t be afraid, in Chronos: Before the Ashes, death is not the end, but an integral part of your hero’s story.

Chronos will be released on December 1 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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