Chuck E. Cheese Has Continued Using Floppy Disks For It’s Animatronic Rodents

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Chuck E. Cheese

It’s amazing to think that Chuck E. Cheese, the popular family fun pizzeria and arcade, is still using floppy discs to operate its animatronic shows. In a video shared by a Chuck E. Cheese employee on TikTok, the world got a glimpse of this fascinating, yet outdated technology that is still in use at the restaurant.

In the video, the employee, who goes by the username showbizpizzaman, proudly displays a floppy disk that reads “Evergreen Show 2023,” which he then inserts into an old computer system standing in front of him. After powering up the computer, the animatronic show begins to play. It’s incredible to see how a technology that was once considered cutting edge is still being used today.

While some might find it surprising that Chuck E. Cheese is still using floppy disks, it’s not entirely unexpected. After all, the restaurant has been entertaining families for decades and has likely developed its own unique operating system that works perfectly well with floppy discs. And who knows, maybe it’s more cost-effective for them to continue using this technology than to invest in new, modern equipment.

Interestingly, it’s not just Chuck E. Cheese that is still using floppy disks. The government and some schools are also known to still use them for certain applications. It just goes to show how long-lasting and durable this technology really is.

However, it seems that Chuck E. Cheese’s days of relying on floppy disks are numbered. The employee in the video explains that his branch is undergoing a remodel soon and that this is the last floppy disk he will ever have to load. Perhaps the company will replace this outdated technology with something more modern, like DVD technology.

In conclusion, the use of floppy disks at Chuck E. Cheese may be a throwback to an earlier era, but it’s a testament to the longevity of this once cutting-edge technology. While the company is moving towards newer, more modern technologies, it’s clear that floppy disks will always have a place in the annals of technological history.

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