Cigarettes in Video Games

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To start with, publications, newspapers, and television make a profit by advertising cigarette brands and tobacco products on their print and digital ads. These days, cigarette ads in magazines and newspapers have decreased when you compare it to the previous decades, The amount is drastically decreased throughout time and if you want the best place to buy Marlboro cigarettes online there are still plenty out there.

Now video games are a new platform that is promoting cigarettes. The video game is an interactive digital entertainment played through gaming consoles, PC, and now the most popular medium is smartphones. Surprisingly,  28% of the gamers are under the age of 18 and they play video games almost every day where ever they got some free time on their hands. Moreover, video games are a huge part of children’s daytime activity and it has a prominent influence on them; the game developers do a fabulous job of promoting cigarette smoking in video games on both consoles and on PC mostly in cutscenes.  According to, The U.S Surgeon General said that subject to the use of smoking in movies encourages teens to smoke in real life same goes for drinking; Smoking in video games has the same impact on teenagers as in movies.  Even though cigarette companies don’t pay game video game developers to promote or advertise cigarettes in video games, it is free advertising for the companies which sell these products, they are often shown in games as cool or badass.

Eleven video games were released in 2017 alone, almost half of them show smoking in the medium. These games include” Call of Duty: WW3,” Wolfenstein 2:The New Colossus,” Cuphead,” Life is Strange: Before the Storm,” and “Uncharted: The lost Legacy,” and another study found out that 77 percent of people who surveyed these games have said that the figures in games don’t find a health-related problem when the game is in play. In other words, when video game characters project smoke cigarettes, it shows that huffing and puffing do not harm the characters of the games at all. Moreover,  These video game businesses don’t mention the use of cigarettes in the game; making it more difficult for parents to control what games their children should or shouldn’t play, at times game ratings play a significant role but not always in the case of smoking.

In addition, video game characters who are using cigarettes are viewed as making the character look “tougher” or “grittier.”  For example, there is a successful fighting game which is called Mortal Kombat. In this video, Jax is a brutal character that is shown as robust and strong. When Jax hurts his enemy in the fight; the First thing he will do is that he lights up a cigar and crack open his foe’s face in half. After that, he does his finishing move by putting out a cigar in the challenger’s half-opened face. This is disturbing and in that case, smoking a cigarette is the least of somebody’s problem, the gore is another thing that such games glamorize without bounds, again game rating help save small children from being exposed to such harsh scenes and gameplay but it is still very hard to regulate every aspect of a video game.

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