CircuitPython 6.2.0 Beta 4 is Now Released

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CircuitPython 6.0.0-RC 2

Adafruit announced this week the fifth beta release of CircuitPython 6.2.0, rolling out 6.2.0-beta.4. Most important changes since 6.2.0-beta.3 include new RP2040 fixes and features, improvements to bitmaptools, and turning off usb_cdc by default, explains Adafruit. This beta is available for download on for all boards which support it.

“CircuitPython has a number of “ports” that are the core implementation for a variety of microcontroller families. Stability varies on a per-port basis. As of this release, atmel-samd, cxd56 (Spresense), nrf, and stm for the F4 family are stable. esp32s2, raspberrypi, and stm for other STM chip families are being actively improved but may be missing functionality and have bugs. litex and mimxrt10xx are in an alpha state and will have bugs and missing functionality. As always, please try out the beta and if you find any bugs, please file an issue.”


Fixes and enhancements in the latest CircuitPython 6.2.0 Beta 4 include:

– Mark bitmaptools.arrayblit() destination as dirty. #4430. Thanks @jepler.
– Add displayio.Palette.is_transparent(palette_index). #4426. Thanks @kmatch98.
– Add uniform board.LED pin names for several boards. More later. #4421. Thanks @kattni.
– Add bitmaptools.readinto() and bitmaptools.arrayblit(). #4403. Thanks @jepler.
– Disable usb_cdc, the second USB serial port, by default. it was on by default in 6.2.0-beta.3. It is still available to use in a custom build. #4384. Thanks @dhalbert.
– Save ~1500 bytes of firmware space via slight changes in vm execution with a minor speed penalty. #4344. Thanks @jepler.
– Refactor displayio set_pixel for use in bitmap_tools. #4357. Thanks @kmatch98.
– Update TinyUSB. #4327. Thanks @hathach.
– Fix regression of TinyUSB version. #4365. Thanks @tannewt.
– Fix incorrect 16-bit signedness in displayio.TileGrid. #4287. Thanks @deshipu.
– Fix TileGrid.transpose_xy crash. #4331. Thanks @dhalbert.
– Update ulab to fix matrix vetor multiplication issue. #4250. Thanks @jepler.
– Code and documentation cleanups. #4335. #4337, #4338, #4351, #4391. Thanks @tyomitch.


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