City-Builder SETTLEMENT SURVIVAL Leaves Early Access Tomorrow

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After a year in early access; the Banished inspired city-building game Settlement Survival is officially launching. Gleamer Studio developed the game and released it in early access one year ago and since then it has got thousands of positive reviews on Steam.

Settlement Survivor centers around gathering materials to build and design your own perfect little town, but be careful, for your town will be beset by a superabundance of natural disasters from tornados, earthquakes, floods, and plagues that are just salivating to destroy your town and population.

Settlement Survivor’s difficulty can be geared towards hardened city-building enthusiasts or cozy risk-free creators due to its customizable options. In-game, the player can manipulate the landscape, manage limited supplies, plant crops, hunt wildlife, gather resources, develop trade routes, and more. There are special maps, weather patterns, and disasters that will regularly affect your town and people.

There have been some significant improvements since Settlement Survivor’s time in early access. Now the game presents seasonal events, a completely new and greatly enhanced user interface, as well as a refined trade balance for the players that want to fully take control of the economy of the game world.

Settlement Survivor comes out on October 24th, 2022 on Steam. Fans can join the official community discord here.

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