Climate Crisis Survival Game, FLOODLAND Announcement Trailer Released

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FLOODLAND Survival Game

Head into the dystopian future where the climate crisis has prevailed and the sea levels have increased, flooding the Earth are developers Vile Monarch and publishers Ravenscourt. To do so, they are about to release their city-building survival title Floodland. But before they release the game in November, interested players will be able to try a demo during October’s Steam Next Fest.

Prepare to create settlements on the remaining liveable land, find the lost technology, manage your colony’s morale, and bring hope back to a ruined world. Always remember that every judgment matters. Resources are scarce, the population is declining, and morale is at an all-time low. But with powerful leadership, not only will your settlement survive; they will flourish!

Floodland will release on November 15th, giving players a one-month early test play of the game before buying it when it hits PC via Steam.

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