Cloud Computing: Three Sure-Fire Career Options for Undergraduates

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Cloud computing is everywhere. Things are much easier when you can reach all the necessary documents you may need from any place, wherever you are. For example, previously, if you wanted to work on your essay away from home, you had to carry your laptop around. Things are different now, thanks to cloud computing. 

You just upload your unfinished essay to your Google Drive and get access to it from any computer. Okay, essays don’t take that much time. A dissertation may be a better example. Well, that’s in case you’re not ordering it from dissertation writing services like https://dissertation-service.com/ to have more time for your job or look for one. By the way, how about checking out cloud computing options? 

  • Programming languages
  • Machine learning 
  • User experience
  • Database management

Those are the skills and knowledge that you may need. If you don’t have them, there are a lot of online courses that can help you. 

Wait, don’t I need a degree to launch a career in cloud computing? Well, a degree will increase your chances of getting employed, but not all jobs in this field require a diploma. So, let’s check out those you can get as an undergraduate. 


Cloud Engineer

If you check out information on cloud engineering, you will learn that you need to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or related fields. However, education lags a bit behind the rapidly developing jobs. Thus, if you have good knowledge of programming languages or machine learning, you can easily find a job as an undergraduate. There are several options on this career path. 


Cloud Support Engineer

This option requires a bit more than just knowledge of programming languages. Aside from them, you need to have great communication skills. Your main duty in this position will be troubleshooting whatever may go wrong with the cloud and fixing it. Aside from providing assistance, as a cloud support engineer, you may be responsible for “training” users. 

You’re going to craft manuals and user guides. Work on tutorials and FAQs. For this job, you need to know the particular cloud extremely well. You need debugging experience to troubleshoot and fix issues. And, as you’re going to provide on-demand assistance to customers, prior tech support experience is very welcome. It’s a demanding position that allows you to make up to $100,000 a year.


Cloud Network Engineer

Another option is becoming a cloud network engineer. This role requires designing and maintaining the cloud services of a particular company or organization. In many respects, this position is far less demanding than that of a cloud support engineer but allows you to earn over $100,000 per year. 


Cloud Software Engineer

Finally, here is the most important position. This role requires collaborating with other specialists to develop software that functions in the cloud. Basically, you’re going to either develop or upgrade and maintain the software developed by others. 

This position requires strong knowledge of programming languages, especially Java and Python. And you can make up to $120,000. 


SQL Database Developer

If you are an information technology undergraduate, this job position is designed for you. Companies generally seek undergraduates for SQL database developer jobs. So, this position requires developing MS-SQL procedures. Other duties include optimizing the ERP users’ forms. Also, you will develop and maintain database designs. 

There are some additional requirements you should meet if you want to enhance your employment potential. If you don’t have an undergraduate degree in informational technology, you should take courses in SQL and database packages. It may sound like it’s too much to ask, but this position allows making over $120,000. 


Data Engineer

If you’re browsing the list of the best assignment services for your dissertation in computer science, this job is for you. So, this position puts you in charge of processing raw data to bring out useful information. The useful information may include anything from market insights to the latest trends in cloud computing. But that’s not all you’re going to do. 

You’re going to develop management systems that allow processing the raw data and extracting the necessary information. You will test, troubleshoot, and maintain those systems. Cloud is a relatively new thing; thus, many companies move data from physical to cloud-based storage, which creates a high demand for data engineer jobs. 

This position works for undergraduates, but a master’s degree will have a positive effect on your income. The average salary for this position is $80,000. But depending on your experience and education, you can end up earning around $200,000 per year, which makes it the most well-paid job on the list. 

So, here you have it: several cloud computing career options for undergraduates. Mind that most of them are suitable for those pursuing a degree in information technology or computer science. However, as mentioned above, you can get the necessary skills by finishing online courses. After all, digital-related careers are more about talent, skills, and experience rather than a degree.


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